First to post a blog!  I think I deserve a treat:)  I have been wanting to try this little piece of heaven for quite sometime.  What’s not to love…peanut butter, Oreo’s, and pie crust.  Whoever created peanut butter should be shot because I can’t put the spoon, fork, knife, fingers or jar down!  So yummy!  Okay back to the treat of your life.  I saw this recipe on Picky Palate, one of my favorite blogs.  I saw the picture and about drooled all over my computer (by the way, I was eating peanut butter when I saw this!).  Life is all about the simple things and this recipe is just that.  Peanut butter, Oreo, peanut butter, Oreo, all wrapped in pie crust.  I have to put out a word of caution though…once you start, you just can’t stop!!!



Hello world!

Hello World!  and Happy Father’s Day!  It’s fitting that we are beginning this blog on Father’s Day, because without our amazing father, we wouldn’t be who we are – farmer’s daughters!  Allow us to introduce ourselves.  Rachelle is the oldest daughter, and with a husband and four kids of her own, she in pretty grateful for her parents’ upbringing and her amazing younger sisters.  She is also a second grade teacher and loves kids, reading, and music.  Melanie, the second, has always had a flair for fashion.  She is a wife and a mother of six cuties, and with all of that craziness, its a good thing that she is tremendously easy going.  She is also a sought out hair dresser.  You should see the things she can do with a pair of scissors.  Casey, the middle child, laughs in the face of danger.  She is probably the most adventurous daughter among us, but married to the most conservative husband.  She also has one adorable little boy who could melt any girl’s heart.  She is also an RN (just like our mom).  Chelsey grew up with the only athletic ability and the only brunette colored hair.  Yes, we are all jealous.  She is recently married and has a degree in Health Education.  She has many talents, but hasn’t settled down into a career yet.  Whitney, always the baby girl, is an accomplished ballerina.  After junior college though, she hung up her toe shoes and she is now in nursing school.  She is also married to a wonderful husband.

The purpose of this blog is to share our diverse experiences in the joys, trials, and everyday tasks life throws at us.  We hope that we entertain you with our love and excitement for life, love, and family.